Doormat Selection Advice

Doormats Selection

If you are looking for doormats it can be very difficult with so many different types of door mat available to make an informed choice.

The first things that are usually considered are what size and colour mat is needed. It is usually a high priority to select a door mat to suit your decor, and it is also important to choose a door mat that will suit the flooring it is to be placed on.

There is however other criterion when choosing the correct doormat for your requirements. Do you need an indoor or outdoor doormat for instance. Additionally some doormats are better at removing dry dirt from shoes and some doormats are far better at absorbing moisture.

Cotton doormats would be a good choice if you are looking for an absorbent mat. They are also a great choice when it comes to pets as being very absorbent that are effective at removing moisture from paws, having almost a ‘blotting’ effect.

If dry dirt and dust is required to be removed, then scraper doormats would be a wise choice for you.

For exterior use,  rubber door mats would be a good choice as these are usually weather resistant and can be easily cleaned by hosing off. Rubber doormats provide a scraping action on foot traffic and are effective at removing the worst of the dirt and mud. Ideally these will be used in combination with an interior doormat which will remove residual dirt and more importantly moisture.

If you are looking to buy for your business, then logo doormats may provide a dual solution. As well as being functional, a logo mat also creates a good first impression for visitors to your business and helps to promote your business.

As well as offering a large range of standard size mats, we are able to manufacture custom door mats to your exact size requirements. Our custom door mats are available in a variety of colours, sizes and types to suit every application.

Whatever your requirements we are sure to have a product to suit and are happy to provide any help and advice you may need.

Our full product range is available to buy on-line at guaranteed lowest prices.

There are many vendors on-line offering similar products. However we can truly say that we are a genuine UK based family business with a complete commitment to providing the highest standards of customer care. Give us a try, we promise that you will be happy that you chose us (and our doormats!).