Cotton Doormats

Cotton Doormats are excellent at absorbing moisture from foot traffic. Cotton is one of the most absorbent materials used in the manufacture of doormats and is widely used in domestic situations. A variety of backings are used for the cotton but these do not affect the absorbency of the pile.

Why Use Cotton Doormats?

As already mentioned cotton doormats are highly effective at preventing moisture from being tracked in on foot traffic and in addition they provide a dirt trapper action. Dirt and grit is trapped between the cotton fibres as feet are wiped. Most cotton doormats are also machine washable meaning they are easy to care for.

Cotton Doormats and Pets

Cotton doormats are very effective in households with pets. Unfortunately cats and dogs unlike humans (well most of them anyway) do not wipe thir feet when entering your home. Cotton being absorbent provides a blotting action on pets paws as they walk on the mat effectively removing some of the moisture without the need for wiping.

Are Cotton Doormats Easy to Care for?

Yes, most cotton doormats are machine washable on a 30 or 40 degree wash making them extremely easy to maintain. Additionally some cotton doormats are also safe to tumble dry. Fabric conditioner should not be used as this will coat the cotton making it less absorbent. In addition regular vacuuming will enhance the effectiveness of the doormat.

Does Regular Washing reduce the effectiveness of  cotton doormats?

On the contrary, cotton doormats become more effective with regular washing.

Cotton Doormats backings

Cotton doormats are available with different backings. Latex or waffle rubber backings are suitable for use on hard floors whereas rubber gripper backing is suitable for use on both hard floors and carpet. Some specialised floors require an inert backing to avoid staining of the floor and cotton doormats are available with this type of backing too.


Cotton Doormats

Cotton Doormats